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The new line of MINCER PHARMA cosmetics – expert care for couperose skin

Polish brand MINCER PHARMA, which since 1989 has been developing innovative and effective cosmetics for sensitive skin, has launched an expert line of products for couperose skin. This line is part of a broader range of anti-allergic, which also includes cosmetics for sensitive and atopic skin, created basing on available scientific knowledge and years of experience. These cosmetics are, on one hand, very efficient and, on the other, present low risk of allergy.

Products in the anti-allergic range for couperose skin work synergistically with each other, so that they mutually intensify their action. For example tonic prepares the skin to the action of the cream and enhances its effectiveness. But also components used in each product- a mixture of herbal extracts “work” together. This mixture, called fitocomplex, includes: chestnut, Japanese ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), lingonberry, ivy, Centella Asiatica, algae and ginger. Concentrated action of these components stregthen the walls of blood vessels and make them more flexible. Fitocomplex provides gentle acceleration of microcirculation and eliminates stagnation in blood vessels. As a result, the products of this line not only help reduce already visible capillary lesions and redness, but also prevent them from recurring. The recipes have been enriched also with moisturizing and rejuvenating active ingredients. That’s why the cosmetics are ideal for both young and mature women.

Products of Mincer Pharma Anti-allergic line for couperose skin are: a moisturizing cream, anti-wrinkle cream, serum, lotion and mask. Particularly noteworthy is the unique gel formula of strengthening face toner that forms on the surface of the skin soft, non-greasy film, allowing for more intense action of active ingredients.

The new line of MINCER PHARMA Anti-allergic for couperose skin is the modern approach to facial care. This approach says that the basis of effective skincare is awareness of our own predispositions and skin problems, even if they are still barely visible. Effective couperose skincare usually begins at the age between 20 and 30, and in subsequent years should be effectively continued using specially adapted products. So start the professional skincare at home already today!