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It seems that about vitamin C and its beneficial effect on the body and healthy look we already know everything; that everything has been said, written and discovered. However, this unusual vitamin still surprise us – e.g. appearing in a new form of Tetra. And its potential in cosmetology has still not been fully exploited. A new step towards better use of the advantages and properties of natural vitamin C has been recently made by Mincer Pharma, by introducing a unique VITA-C-INFUSION beauty range.

Vitamin C is, on one hand, a well-know vitamin, which many of us have heard since childhood. On the other – the scientists, nutritionists and cosmetologists are still discovering its further advantages. A rich source of this vitamin in the diet are fruits – especially citrus – and numerous vegetables. It is very important for human body, e.g. it helps to reinforce the strength and condition of the circulatory system.

It has also beautifying action – it shows a wide variety of activities, which result in improved appearance of our skin. It participates in the processes of reduction of oxidation (it helps to combat the excess of free radicals), it is essential for the proper conduct of the synthesis of collagen – providing skin elasticity. It also plays a huge role in the course of the regeneration of damaged tissues. The effects of vitamin C include impaired wound healing and reduced skin irritation. It is therefore important to provide the body with natural vitamin C both from the inside – in the form of a balanced diet – as well as from the outside, using appropriate cosmetics and beauty treatments.

The new beauty use of the high potential of vitamin C

The new Mincer Pharma range – VITA-C-INFUSION – results from a comprehensive action of highly concentrated, natural vitamin C. The rich source of vitamin C are camu camu berries (one of the most abundant sources of this vitamin in the world), and sea-buckthorn berries, which also contain beta-carotene. And these active ingredients can be found in the formulas of the new Mincer Pharma range. Their action is synergistically enhanced with other valuable ingredients in our recipes, e.g. Omega Plus complex, hyaluronic acid or ginseng.

By using the high potential of vitamin C – which was possible thanks to modern technology and many years of expertise in creating effective cosmetic formulations – plus complementary natural ingredients in respectively high concentrations, Vita C INFUSION beauty products work very efficiently.

The line consists of 5 unique skincare formulations, with vitamin C originating from the camu camu and/or sea buckthorn berries:

  • Deeply Moisturizing Day Cream (Recipe № 601) – of a very light texture, herbal note and the addition of hyaluronic acid; It provides in-depth hydration and healthy appearance of the skin, giving it a glow.
  • Anti-wrinkle day and night cream (Recipe № 602) – of the texture of light “butter”, which, however, is not oily, but absorbs well; Sea Buckthorn gives the cream appetizing, light orange color; the cream has a lovely scent: delicate, exotic, with a herbal note. The product with ginseng smoothes and firms the skin, giving it vitality.
  • Brightening Eye Cream (Recipe № 604) – in addition to vitamin C, coming from camu camu berries and sea buckthorn oil, the cream contains also a special brightening complex, which corrects shadows and adds shine to the skin around eyes.
  • Anti-age oil serum with vitamin C Tetra (Recipe № 606) – it not only contains vitamin C in the form Tetra, but offers it in a very high concentration: approx. 7%, or 70 mg/ml. Tetra is an innovative – soluble in oil, not water – form of vitamin C, which allows for the cosmetic effect to be more durable, stronger and more comprehensive, but does not cause irritation or redness. Serum is a potent antioxidant, regenerates and tightens the skin and evens out its color.
  • Moisture microdermabrasion (Recipe № 612) – in addition to rich in vitamin C ingredients, it contains also exfoliating micro-crystals. It cleanses and tones the skin, stimulates skin renewal and restores its beautiful look. The product is very pleasant to use, giving comfort and a sense of profound purification and oxygenation of the skin.

VITA-C-INFUSION – beauty must have! The effect of beauty glowing skin

The new line of cosmetics offered by Mincer Pharma is ideal for all skin types (only the № 602 cream is dedicated primarily to dry skin). The range has been designed for all year round use. When using the Serum (№ 606) it is recommended – as in case of all intensive brighening products – to protect your skin from the sun, using appropriate filters.

VITA-C-INFUSION cosmetics, thanks to precious ingredients and natural mechanisms of action, brighten and hydrate the skin, reduce blemishes and wrinkles as well as strengthen the walls of blood vessels.