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Mincer Pharma brand – expert in care of even most sensitive skin is extending its portfolio with a new range of beauty products with vitamin C. The new range – VITA-C-INFUSION – includes extraordinary Anti-aging oil serum (Recipe № 606). Among the active ingredients present in the serum, it is vitamin C Tetra that attracts greatest attention. It is still quite new and unique in the market and many people do not know the difference between this new form of vitamin C and the traditional form that we have known for years. What are its properties? What impact does it have on the formulation itself?

Vitamin C has a number of beneficial properties for our health and beauty. Not only should it be provided to the body with daily, balanced diet, but also from the outside, with the proper care. Although vitamin C is “the undisputed queen in skin care” it is still relatively rare – compared to many other ingredients- in cosmetic recipes. Vitamin C Tetra, which is in many respects more perfect form of the vitamin, is almost unique in cosmetics available on the market.
Meanwhile Serum № 606 from the new Mincer Pharma range not only contains Vitamin C in the form of tetra, but in a concentration which not yet seen on the Polish market: 7%, or 70 mg/ml. What does all this mean in practice?

What power hides in the „vitamin C Tetra”?
Vitamin C Tetra (i.e. present in the form of ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, instead of a conventional form of L-ascorbic acid) is an innovative ingredient which is used more often by the cosmetics industry. It was developed by the Japanese scientists, whose aim was to find a new form of vitamin C – form which shows at least as high efficiency and biological activity as L-ascorbic acid, but that would be free from defects in the traditional vitamin C: instability, difficult permeability and irritation action.
Tetra has proved to be very stable form of vitamin C, soluble in oils (not like ascorbic acid which is soluble in water). This makes it much more stable and resistant to oxidation, sunlight and high temperatures – it does not degrade so fast for a long time while maintaining its valuable properties. In practice, this means that the product with Tetra – eg. VITA-C-INFUSION Anti-ageing oil serum – remains highly effective and keeping its efficient properties for a long time after opening.
In addition, C Tetra is also extremely easy to use and skin friendly, it absorbs very well, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. In contrast to the ascorbic acid – it does not exfoliate nor irritate the skin. Therefore products with vitamin C Tetra may be applied even on people with sensitive skin – eg. prone to allergies, irritation or couperose complexion. For the latter, cosmetics containing this innovative form of vitamin C are quite appropriate – as Tetra supports sealing of blood vessels.
Vitamin C in the form of Tetra and skin discolorations – worth knowing!
It is commonly known that vitamin C helps illuminate the skin and lighten pigmentation. But many people avoid treatments and cosmetics containing higher concentrations of this vitamin, fearing that – although on one hand, vitamin C brightens the skin, on the other – irritate it, deprive the protective shield and ultimately discoloration may occur again. However, vitamin C Tetra works differently. Absorbing greatly without causing redness, dryness or irritation of the skin, vitamin C Tetra not only provides effective protection against UVA / UVB rays, but also against premature aging, imperfections, hyperpigmentation, vasodilation and general “fatigue” of the skin.
Therefore, the new Mincer Pharma serum № 606 not only regenerates and tightens the skin and has a strong antioxidant activity, but also evens out skin tone. The formula is suitable for all skin types. It can be used day and night, even in warm and sunny months of the year – but then, as in case of any intensively lightening product, it is recommended to use sunscreen.

Vitamin C Tetra – new form, new action, new impressions…
Summing up: cosmetics with this breaktrough form of vitamin C does not exfoliates the skin, neither irritate it, nor causes redness. On the contrary – it nourishes, cares, brightens and rejuvenates even most sensitive types. With regular use of the product, the skin becomes regenerated, tense, relaxed and radiant. Wrinkles and blemishes are reduced, blood vessels strengthened, and the skin color uniform.
It is worth noting that the Serum – in addition to the breaktrough form of vitamin C – also contains other biologically active ingredients that work synergistically with each other, enhancing the effectiveness of the product: sea buckthorn oil and Omega Plus complex rich in NKKT (essential fatty acids).